Chelsea fans’ favorite line-up against Real Madrid: Werner leads the line-up; No surprise

Chelsea face European giants Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-finals, although they will have some difficulty at home, they are definitely a major force to be reckoned with in this match. We are going to cut our work, at least to say a full strength line is needed.

people’s Choice

The WAGNH Community 3-4-3, and of course Edward Mendy wanted to get to the goal, and only used too much. There are no tests involving 4-2-3-1 (9%) or Keba Arisabalaka (3%) here!

Getting the score can sometimes be an issue, but Chelsea’s defense is determined to be rock solid – mostly because Antonio Rodriguez, Caesar Asbilucci, Diego Silva and Andreas Christensen have done their thing. But only three of them have a place, and Christensen (41%) is fourth on the ballot here. Kurt Zuma (12%) is fifth. Meanwhile, first-choice wing-back positions were gradually slapped by Reese James and Ben Sylvester, and they continue with those times Hudson-Otoi (10%). Marcos Alonso (8%), and Emerson (1%) start on the bench as a result.

Madio Kovacic continues to be sidelined with a femoral injury, so he will miss this half in reuniting with his former bosses. The community has no choice but to go with Jorgenho and N’Colo Conte – this is not a bad thing, of course. Billy Kilmer (2%)’s time is coming soon, but it’s not going to happen in a European semifinal.

The Chelsea attack was out for several days, but they must have had a good one for this game. The same trio that started against West Ham are gaining community approval, meaning only Guy Howard (49%), Hakeem Siek (27%), Oliver Groot (11%) and the recently returned Tommy Abraham (5%) are behind UPS.

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Overall, this sequence was very clear except for the central forward position, and one can only hope that the community’s confidence will be restored.

3-4-3 (83%)
Mendy (96%) | Rodiger (91%), Silva (86%), Asbiliquetta (75%) | Sylvel (90%), Conte (99%), Jorginho (91%), James (79%) | Pulisik (65%), Werner (60%), Mount (97%)

My favorite choice

I’m definitely not going to argue with the community’s favorite eleven; This is our best shot to win against a tough opponent. I’m a little worried about whether or not Werner can show his strength against some of the world’s greatest defenders in Ramos and Vaughan. We hope his goal over the weekend will give him a big boost.

Come on, Chelsea !!!

Mendy | Rodiger, Silva, Asbiliquetta | Sylwell, Conte, Jorginho, James | Pulisik, Werner, Mt.

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